Invalid API Key for Crypto Withdrawals

I’m getting an invalid API key response any time I try to use /withdrawals/crypto but the API key works for everything else. I also tried instead of but that gives a weird html error response. Every api privilege is checked. {“message”:“Invalid API Key”} {“amount”:“1000”,“currency”:“SUPER”,“crypto_address”:“0xc68b46bb48e2bede3f3872747a52d8196ba0895d”,“network”:“ethereum”} {“CB-ACCESS-TIMESTAMP”:“1701010350”,“CB-ACCESS-SIGN”:“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,“Accept”:“application/json”,“CB-ACCESS-KEY”:“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,“Content-Type”:“Application/JSON”}

You posted this in Advanced Trade API! But looks like you are using Exchange/Pro API…

If that is Pro API, did it work in past? Do API key have transfer permission?

Or maybe your account also has been migrated to Advanced Trade? In that case you need to use Advanced Trade / Sign in with Coinbase APIs… And for that you need to create new API key, your Pro key will not work!

I’m using advanced trade with an advanced trade API key. This key should work for /withdrawals/crypto right? I used to do withdrawals on exchange/pro with my old api key.

If you speak about this API then answer is no, it should not work! You can not use your Advanced Trade API key with any Pro API.