How can I install coinbase advanced trade into my python code

Im having trouble downloading the right files to my environment and importing the coinbase advanced trade api into my python script

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Could you please elaborate on what you meant by “downloading the right files to my environment”?

Also, if you are receiving any error messages, can you copy the text of the error messages into this thread omitting any personal credentials. Additionally, if you are facing any issue with authentication of endpoints with an API key, please refer the documentation here: Authenticating Messages | Coinbase Cloud

Thank you!

I’m trying to programmatically trade with coinbase advanced trade. How can I get started, there is no documentation or source code regarding to starting up and getting connectivity to Coinbase Advanced Trade or Websocket through REST API?

Hey @RiyadM, Sincere apologies for delayed response.

For complete details on the REST API of Coinbase Advance Trade, please refer here & for Websocket, refer here.

We hope this helps. We’d be happy to answer any more queries.

Thank you and have a good day!