General thoughts on OAuth Sign in screen


i am just on the way implementing coinbase into my personal finance saas webapp. Its more or less a financial cockpit for B2C. For that i just finished the OAuth Login flow for accessing the API in the name of the current user.

I wanted to share some thoughts about the login screen which of course will be in inside a popup window which is triggered by a button in my application. So this looks like this:

I am wondering why is there such a big padding at the top. This is kind of annoying because it occupies much real estate in the popup.

Then this popup doesnt excactly build trust on the user side since you dont even see the original coinbase logo at this responsive breakpoint but the short form version of the logo which nobody knows. As you know… trust is crucial when connecting apps via OAuth. Your login area doesnt really foster this. IMO there is not a realistic breakpoint where you need to use your short form logo. Its enough space for the real logo in my view.

Really like to hear your thoughts on this.

greeting marc.