Can't update my email address in Coinbase

Hi everyone, please please help !!

I am really really in trouble of updating my email address since yesterday.

It actually goes through the verification process and sends a text to my phone first,
then asks for the new email, and it sends an email with the 6 digit to the new email address.
But the every first time, I enter that 6 digit number it says “something went wrong.” The second time it sends me back to the verify phone number thing again, and just gets stuck in this loop without ever completing. I have tried this loop more than 20 times in different browsers.

I have tried clearing the browser caches and cookies, and incognito/in private, everything, but eventually nothing worked at all.

Does anyone have same issue like me? Can you help me how to resolve this?
I am still trying to touch with Coinbase Customer Service, waitng for more than 3 hrs over phone. Chatting is not available, no one responds over hours.

Hi @Sean,

It’s very unfortunate that you are facing this issue. For better assistance, we would suggest you to file a support ticket via this link.

Thank you!

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I have exactly the same problem. In spite 5 calls to coinbase support the case is not solve .