Batch tickers - not as expected

This is a feedback for your Advanced Trade Api , specifically for Tickers-batch:

  1. This seems obviously not an progress compared to previous version. i.e. Binance provides updates in every 1000 ms, and you provide in every 5000ms. 5x more degraded performance (speed) which renders it almost useless endpoint in our apps.
    Please make an additional option, so, OK KEEP 5000MS as default, but give us an option that we could get updates in 1000 ms too, if we set that option. for rest of world, if not setting that option specifically, you continue providing them at 5000 ms interval as is.

So, no breaking changes.

  1. in docs, there is not written a clear example, what is the response structure. it says that “same schema as ticker”, but ticker is one object per message, and batch tickers should be something like binance has:

where each item is independent ticker schema, exactly like binance provides bulk items in array in every 1000ms.

please pass this request to

Hi @ttodua!

Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the response structure in the documentation of the Ticker Batch Channel and your interest to have an additional option of getting an update from Ticker Batch Channel in 1000ms. We will communicate this with our internal teams and log this as both feedback and a feature request. Most new features and improvements to Coinbase products come directly from feedback like yours, so it’s very valuable to them. While Coinbase can’t offer any specific timeline for adding features, they are constantly working to build products that their customers will love.

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Thank you!

Thanks for follow up. Also, note that if the API team won’t add that feature (1000MS update interval), then people will be obliged to stress the REST api with making rest request toward Get product stats | Coinbase Cloud endpoint, once in every 1000 ms. So, it will be better for yourself too, to avoid extra unnecessary stress on your servers.