Whatever happened to Coinbase Node?

There was an announcement last year sometime. Here’s the link for it.

The links lead to cloud. It seems the product is also no longer there. Is this product discontinued?

Hi @bearsworth

Thanks for reaching out about our Node offering.

From its inception, Coinbase Cloud has been committed to empowering current and future builders of the crypto economy. Our strategy is to focus on layers within the web3 developer stack where Coinbase can solve critical gaps with our unique strengths. As a result, we have made the decision to no longer support our read/write node products.
We continue to invest heavily in our web3 developer tools and services that will bring the most value to the crypto ecosystem, including our Coinbase Wallet SDK, Pay SDK, and much more to share in the near future.
There is no impact to any other Coinbase Cloud product. Our staking products remain unaffected by this change. Coinbase Cloud remains one of the leading staking solutions for enterprises, custodians, exchanges, investors, and retail users as the first-choice infrastructure solution for anyone who wants to generate crypto rewards.

Appreciate the response. In the Wallet SDK documentation they mention using Node as the fallback url. If this is no longer the case, is there another product you have that could be used as the fallback JSON RPC url?

Hi @bearsworth

We’ve referred this query with our internal teams to get a clarity on the same and we shall get back to you soon.