Unauthorized for some API call endpoints

Hello I’m having trouble with a couple of API calls, “Get Product Book” and “Get Bid Ask”. For some reason I keep getting an “Unauthorized” error even though I know my API credentials and permissions are valid and work fine for other API calls. Is there something I could be missing? Is anyone else having this problem?

Is it that hard to spend little time to check if there has not been similar questions? Sounds like same problem here:

You are likely including query params in signature generation, you should not do that with Advanced Trade APIs!

Well I did search to see if anyone else had this problem, and read a few related specifically to “Get Product Book”, but none seem to be what I’m dealing with. It doesn’t matter if there is a parameter or not. I don’t have this problem with “Get Order” or “Get Product”. I’ve tried just about everything and was just wondering if there was an issue with these APIs, though it seems some people can get it to work. I’m working with Python.

Do you have enabled wallet:user:read permission?:

EDIT: Just tried Get Product Book API with BTC-EUR. Works for me.

Yes I have all the permissions enabled for the API credentials I’m using. I had tried separating the parameter once and it didn’t work, but I’m going to look a little closer into how it was done because maybe I was missing something. But thanks for letting me know it works for you. Did you make the call using Python?

No. C.

P.S. Also tried BAT-EUR with and without using limit parameter. Also worked.

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Ok I looked at it again, and even though I had separated the e point and params, I had still sent the params to my function for creating a signed request, so when I removed the params from that I stopped getting the unauthorized problem and was able to print the productbook. So thanks, that fixed the problem. Now it seems I have a different issue with how I’ve coded getting the data I want from that list. But should be able to sort it out. Thanks for your help!