Problems with solana

Hallo, I am new here, I have some solana but can t sell them. Any tips or information why?

Hey @tonytony! Thank you for being part of the forum community.
For us to look into this issue, we would request you to please raise a support ticket with us, so that our teams can investigate and resolve this issue for you.
Thank you :slight_smile:

I guess the problem might be that you simply have not enough SOL. Minimum is 0.08 SOL that you can sell. If “some” is less then that you won’t be able to sell. And yes, you can buy less than that.

Other problem might be that you are staking SOL, in that case you can not sell until you will unstake.

Hallo everyone, and thanks to reply at my problem… Due the fact that I m newbie I discovered just now becouse the solana were locked, (actually are unlock). It were staking and I just asked to unlocking to coinbase. Thanks