Are charges/checkouts with "no_price" broken?

Creating a checkout in the dashboard does not provide an option to set it as “no_price” or as a donation. It is possible to create one with an API, but when testing the checkout process it fails trying to create a charge. Okay, maybe I’m doing something wrong so let’s check the docs. According to the docs, you can create a charge as “no_price”… except it doesn’t work. It fails with “invalid request amount”. I added local_price: { currency: "USD" } and it goes through, yay! But when visiting the hosted_url, it fails due to an unhandled promise rejection.
tl;dr creating a checkout/charge with pricing_type: "no_price" is broken.

Hi did you end up finding a fix? I have this exact same issue.

I want to let my customers choose any price they want, but when no_price is used, it’s as if I chose $0, which breaks the checkout (Coinbase payment method is grayed out, and trying to connect Coinbase Wallet just results in an infinite loading screen).