Any hope for extra time intervals/granularity in Advanced Trade API?

I’m using the /api/v3/brokerage/products/{ticker}/candles endpoint to retrieve historical data and noticed the available granularity does not include 8h, 4h, or 12h. Are they really that uncommon? It would be so nice if those intervals were also supported by the API.

I suppose it should be possible to reconstruct the 8h candles by gluing together every 4 2h candles, it just feels pretty tedious to have to do this.

Hi @zuzusangry

Your observation is correct. Currently, the /api/v3/brokerage/products/{ticker}/candles endpoint might not natively support 8h, 4h, or 12h granularity. While these intervals may not be commonly offered, they can indeed provide useful information for certain trading strategies. Your workaround to recreate 8h candles by aggregating four 2h candles would be one solution. Although it may feel tedious, until the API natively supports these intervals, you would need to script this logic in your code to get the desired timeframes. Also, do keep an eye on the API’s changelog in the documentation. Updates including changes to endpoint capabilities, like the addition of new granularity levels, would be listed there. If enough users suggest the same feature, the API operators might decide to include it in a future update.