Withdrawal to Bank fields (Bank Reference)

Can we add a bank reference to our withdrawal requests via the API? We don’t see a way to do this when adding a bank in the website or open the API documents.

Hello @xprocoinpay! Based on your scenario, we are assuming that you are actually referring to withdrawing funds to a payment method when you said that you want to add a bank reference to your withdrawal requests. If such is the case, we suggest that you utilize the /transfers endpoint and call for a POST request to Withdraw to a Payment Method. A Payment Method resource represents the different kinds of payment methods that can be used when having transactions with Coinbase Exchange/Pro. You can check all your nominated payment methods by calling a Get All Payment Methods request.

However, please note that as we are slowly sunsetting Coinbase Pro in view of the newly launched Advanced Trade in Beta, adding of new bank accounts to be linked to existing Coinbase Pro accounts are already disabled. Thus, only withdrawals to your existing bank accounts listed under your Coinbase Pro account may be supported by the Withdraw to a Payment Method endpoint.You may read further on the details about this foreseen sunsetting of Coinbase Pro here.

You may also read further on this migration to Advanced Trade in this help article.

We hope we are able to address your concern. Thank you and have a great day!