Will fill-or-kill time in force be implemented in the advanced trade API?

Will time_in_force FOK be added in the advanced trade api like it is in the pro api?

I’m experimenting with moving over my integration to the advanced trade API, but fill-or-kill time in force is an absolute must-have for my application, and so far I don’t see a way to re-create the functionality with the new advanced trade API order_configuration object…

Doing some research, it looks like the major exchanges/competitors all offer this - it seems like a table stakes feature.

Just for context, if fill-or-kill is not intended to be added, I will be forced to move accounts to another exchange. :frowning:

Any updates on this? It’s been a month…

Having FOK in Advanced is a must for me as well.

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Yep it looks like this is the section where most topics go to die.

Thanks for voicing support! I invite anyone else reading this to do the same.

Unfortunately the advanced trade API remains without a transparent roadmap – I haven’t seen any confirmation of whether FOK will be built in or not.

Thank to their choice to lock users from signing up for coinbase pro, which effectively locks my business out from gaining new customers, I’m forced to move to another exchange.

It’s honestly ridiculous and unexpected that they would lock out their mature product when their new API is feature incomplete, but here we are.

Yea, I don’t really understand how it’s possible for them to not add it. It’s already built into their matching engine - it’s odd for any exchange to not have an FOK option.

I was able to figure out how to do a Limit IOC order via the API, even though it isn’t a published feature in their documentation - but doesn’t really help this situation.

Hi @chasewatts how do you do a limit IOC order via api?

I found this too by inspecting the requests that the coinbase advanced trade site makes when placing orders.

You know how you specify order type using the order_configuration nested object key?

(which by the way is such strange API design – I’m not sure these guys know what they are doing. who uses object keys to specify option values???)

just use limit_limit_ioc

this isn’t documented and may be considered private, so I would definitely be defensive and have a fallback plan if they pull the rug on this.

Yup - what @chava is explained it how I do it.

I couldn’t find anything similar to limit_limit_fok that would work.

And I definitely agree, the API is a mess. Whoever is in charge of designing it and forcing everyone over to Advanced should be immediately fired. I’m sure someone from the business side will eventually notice is affecting the amount fees they’re generating from users.


Hi @chava! Apologies for the delay. Thank you for sharing this with us. We will try our best to bring this feature to the public as soon as possible. For now we are sharing this with our internal team. We will let you know as soon as there is an update. Please keep in touch.

Hello, I am checking in. Will fill-or-kill be released?

Hi @chava . Apologies for the delay. Coinbase product team member here. FOK is on our roadmap and we are hoping to launch it on Advanced Trade API in the next few months. Please stay tuned.