Why isn't XRP-USD priceable ? (Yes, I know it's not tradeable)

One of our accounts is holding XRP. It is clearly priced by the system in the ‘My assets’ view, and it’s value is shown in total account value. Why can’t I request the XRP-USD pair price via the API ?

This means we currently cannot compute the total account value via the API.

Hello @jasondeb17! We understand that you are currently holding XRP on one of your accounts and that you want to compute the total of the XRP value that you are holding via the API but you can only view the price conversion of XRP-USD on the website and not through the API.

As you may already know, the reason why you cannot request the XRP-USD pair via the API is because XRP is currently suspended on the platform. Click on these links to know more:

Although you cannot find XRP-USD as a trading pair via the API, you can use the /exchange-rates endpoint to view the price of XRP in USD. Just include the currency parameter and input XRP as its value then find the USD field on the returned JSON if the API call is successful.

We hope this helps!