Who else thinks Portfolios should be added to Coinbase Adv? Respond to let them know

We need to let Coinbase know we want Portfolios in CB Adv like CB Pro or we may not get them!

I dug up a comment in another post that Portfolios in CB Adv are being “assessed”… they should be a definite! This is the part from Coinbase FAQs:

Does Advanced Trade support Portfolios like on Coinbase Pro?

We are assessing user needs for Portfolios and other advanced features. Please share any product feedback or requests for Advanced Trade in this [survey.]

Portfolios are a HUGE benefit to strategies. I purchase the same coins multiple times at different prices and separate them in Portfolios. If I have to combine them in one Default folio in CB Adv the prices are all mixed and I’m screwed on trying to sell certain coins to maximize my gains! I don’t want to get into HIFO, LIFO, FIFO… Portfolios are REQUIRED.

Please respond to show them we need Portfolios!