Which parts of Advanced Trade API require authentication?

I’m confused about which parts of this API require authentication and which parts do not. Do they all require authentication? When I look up a specific end point, it doesn’t say if it requires authentication or not, and when I look at the official examples accompanying this documentation, none of them seem to be using any authentication at all. But if I pick one that seems like maybe it would not need authentication, and then visit the page in my browser, it just says “Unauthorized”. For example, List Products at https://api.coinbase.com/api/v3/brokerage/products. I tried running the curl example code in my terminal and I get “Unathorized”

Hi @lara

Welcome to the Coinbase Cloud Forum! We understand that you want to know if all endpoints require Authentication under the Advanced Trade API. Yes, all v3 endpoints that is supported under the Advanced Trade API required Authentication. Thank you for letting us know on this, we will continue to update our documentation to reflect clear instructions.