What's the deal with Coinbase Pro and Exchange now? Can we access both?

Just recently (as I’m sure everyone is aware), Coinbase.com rolled out basically the same features as pro.

Can we access both using the exchange API? And if so, should Coinbase Pro be looked at as more of the bleeding edge of crypto features that Coinbase is planning to roll out?

I haven’t found anything posted on this, so forgive me if I overlooked the few times I looked.

Thanks in advance for your patience and help!

So we are in a holding pattern waiting for more information? Or is it published somewhere? Or are they merged? I’m still a little confused by your reply. Apologies.

Hi @ocmca - Apologies for the delay here. For now, we encourage Pro API users to continue using the Pro API until there is an equivalent API available on Coinbase Advanced Trading. We expect this later this year. Sign in with Coinbase is not a comparable substitute at this point.

Please let me know if this helps answer your questions.


Fully. Thank you! Appreciate your time.

Is there a closer source for information on anything api related? Irc, Discord, slack? Etc…

@ocmca - right now, this forum, https://docs.cloud.coinbase.com/ and https://help.coinbase.com/en are your best bets. We are working on a discord strategy for more direct assistance. Additionally, as we evolve our Pro API product, we will likely look to the community for feedback, if you would like to participate. Thanks!

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I would love to, let me know

Hi @arood I am new on this forum (and to using Coinbase APIs) and am still a bit confused. I am an individual dev (not an instituional client). I use Coinbase Pro to trade. Are the endpoints listed at API Reference section linked on Welcome for Exchange users only or for Coinbase Pro users? I have not able to access them as a Coinbase Pro user with an API Key.

I am confused on the different API docs for normal Coinbase API, Coinbase Pro API, and Coinbase Exchange API. Could you clarify? Hopefully this is appropriate reply and not own post material.

Hi Ian - Here is the post we shared for the update - Important Update for Coinbase Pro API Users
If you would like more info, I can work on getting you a clear understanding on this and maybe begin to work on getting our docs updated to help clarify better. Thank you!!

Thank you so much! Very helpful and looking forward to the launch of the APIs for REST and Websocket protocols available to all users later this fall.

Hi Arod,

Can you help us with how to proceed?

It looks like coinbase pro API is already deprecating (removing) features. We can no longer transfer funds from coinbase to coinbase pro. Until the new API is working please re-enable this feature. Also, we would like to request advanced trading api maintain the same capabilities and keep the PORTFOLIOS. This is a great feature and it looks like it might be removed.

We are using both coinbase API and coinbase pro together; we need a unique deposit address and portfolios. For security and fund management we want to separate funds and protect or assets from loss due to any single API key.

Hi @xprocoinpay - apologies for the delay here but i am working to get you the best recommendation, based on your use case. Thank you.


is it possible to generate a one time deposit address directly into default on coinbase pro? If so we can use coinbase pro/exchange for all. Any idea when advanced trade API will be ready?

@xprocoinpay - Advanced API is ready! Thank you for your patience. You can find the information here: Advanced Trade API Overview

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