What is the response JSON for SIWC Show Transaction for a `advanced_trade_fill` transaction?

Hello Coinbase Team,

Can you please update the example responses on the List Transactions and Show Transaction API documentation pages for Sign In With Coinbase to show us what a typical advanced_trade_fill response looks like?

I am working on an API library, and I’d rather not create an order (and thus, spend my money) just to see what the format of this new JSON response looks like. If the example response is already listed, then would you be so kind as to point me to where that is displayed?

What I am specifically talking about is taking a transaction resource, returned by either of the two endpoints listed above, and expanding it (using, e.g., ?expand=all) and seeing what data is returned when the type property of the transaction resource equals advanced_trade_fill.

Thank you.


Brian Hart

Hi @astrohart343! Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this. Please allow us some time while we are looking into it and share it further with our team to review. We shall share an update soon. Please keep in touch!

@Loop_11 thank you. Please be sure to give an unexpanded and expanded version…I want to be able to see the fees and total / subtotal etc.

Thank you again! hope to hear soon.

Hey @astrohart343! Thank you for waiting! To be honest, I am not sure if it is possible to bring an example specifically for the advanced_trade_fill property in the documentations. I have however managed to get an example response for the above specified details with the help of our engineering teams. Though there is no expand all option.

Here is the response they shared:

      "advanced_trade_fill": {
        "commission": "7",
        "fill_price": "1750",
        "order_id": "<order id>",
        "order_side": "buy",
        "product_id": "ETH-USD"
      "amount": {
        "amount": "1.00000000",
        "currency": "ETH"
      "created_at": "2022-08-19T06:39:04Z",
      "description": null,
      "id": "<transaction uuid>",
      "native_amount": {
        "amount": "01234",
        "currency": "USD"
      "resource": "transaction",
      "resource_path": "/v2/accounts/<>/transactions/<>",
      "status": "completed",
      "type": "advanced_trade_fill"

We hope this helps.

Hello @Loop_11 I thank you first of all for sending me what you got from your engineering team, but for the purposes of creating an API client library, the information you provided is not necessarily as useful as one might think.

From what I can tell, I believe the engineering team gave me some JSON that looks as if it was abbreviated and not the full, proper, transaction resource as would be rendered back by the server in response to the Show Transaction.

Can I please get the full, properly formatted, entire well-formed JSON response that I can expect to receive?

As I am not a Coinbase insider, it’s not useful for me to get an abbreviated JSON response. There are a lot of missing pieces in the content you sent, when I compare it up to the example shown on the Show Transaction documentation page. I really need an example that, as closely as possible, represents exactly what the server sends back in response.

Thank you.


Brian Hart

@Loop_11 Any updates?

Hi @astrohart343! Didn’t want to make you wait, apologies for the delay. Actually the response that I shared has all the necessary response fields, the ones that you do not see are planned to be removed and that is why the response structure looked like above.
I hope this answers your questions.
Have a good one!