What is the Coinbase Advanced Trade sandbox/test API endpoint?

I can’t seem to find the sandbox/test API endpoint for the Coinbase Advanced Trade in the documentation. What is it?

From what I can tell, all they have is a REST API sandbox endpoint for the outgoing Coinbase Pro.

Thanks, I’m using that for Coinbase Pro. I’m looking at the migration and it seems like this new API is unfinished.

I agree exactly. There are many features that seem disconnected as well. The documentation references old rules or rules only documented under other services (pagination, for example).

I hope that asking more questions will push more answers from the Coinbase team. It rarely seems like they have an answer on these forums.

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Hi @michael.whittle! Thank you for your interest in using the Coinbase APIs. With regards to your concern, unfortunately as of the moment, there is no Sandbox available for the Advanced Trade API. But rest assured, we’ve logged your concern as a feature request with our internal teams so we can continue improving our user experience. Most new features and improvements to our products come directly from feedback like yours, so it’s very valuable to us. While we can’t offer any specific timeline for adding features, we are constantly working to build products our customers will love.

@tripster202 thank you for sharing your thoughts and we also want to let you know that our internal teams are constantly at work towards the improvement of the new Advanced Trade API.

If you want to stay up to date on the latest from Coinbase Cloud, you can also bookmark the following webpage and subscribe to email updates at the bottom of the page: https://www.coinbase.com/cloud/discover

We appreciate your patience and understanding, thank you!

Thanks, I’m the architect of pycryptobot which uses Coinbase Pro, Binance and KuCoin. The app is free and thousands of people are using it. I can see from the stats on Github the Docker image has been installed nearly 280k times. I’m getting a lot of requests from the community to add the connectors for Advanced Trade as many of them including myself transferred our funds from Coinbase Pro to Coinbase by mistake assuming the API would be ready (and it’s not).

There are loads of issues with the new API, and that’s just the ones I’ve found so far.

  1. Not all the API endpoints from Coinbase Pro are available in Advanced Trade and that really is not good. For example, I can’t even find out what maker/taker fees should be paying via the API. All exchanges have this endpoint including Coinbase Pro. At VERY LEAST it should be the same.

  2. You have no public API now. All exchanges offer a public API to do unauthenticated queries to retrieve the ticker, websocket, and historical data (with limits). Your new API is authenticated only. This isn’t a huge problem but it’s just not consistent with any other exchange and just makes Advanced Trade a pain to use.

  3. The API documentation is really poor. The examples don’t work (at least for Python). There should be a dedicated section on how to handle authentication with working examples. A new API user will not be able to get it working without trawling through the forums hoping that someone will help.

  4. The new API permissions is overly complicated and I think it puts users at risk by not understanding what each permission does and giving more access than they actually want. There should really be a basic and advanced mode. A basic mode could maybe be a list of easy to understand descriptions which selects the correct options for a user (which they can edit if necessary).

  5. The API responses are incredibly bad. I was looking at List Accounts yesterday and I saw nested JSON in two of the fields for no reason. For example /api/v3/brokerage/accounts has a JSON field called “available_balance” with two entries. I have no idea why it’s like that. You could have just put the “balance”. The same with the “hold” field. Absolutely no idea why it was done like that.

I had to do something like this to fix it…

    # json normalize two columns
    df_merge = pd.DataFrame(df.available_balance.tolist())
    df["balance"] = df_merge["value"]
    df_merge = pd.DataFrame(df.hold.tolist())
    df["hold_tmp"] = df_merge["value"]
    df.drop(columns=["available_balance", "hold"], inplace=True)
    df.rename(columns={"hold_tmp": "hold"}, errors="raise", inplace=True)

I don’t really understand why the API was released in production in this state. You should have finished it first or at least put it into beta before just releasing it like this. It just gives such a poor impression of the exchange. You could have got valuable feedback from devs in this forum and avoided all of this frustration.


Hi @michael.whittle! We truly appreciate you listing your concerns in detail regarding the Advanced Trade API and we thank you for pointing these all out. We will communicate this with our internal teams and we will log this as feedback.

Your feedback is valuable to us so rest assured that this has been taken into consideration. Please be reminded that we can’t provide any specific timeline for adding features but as we have mentioned above, you can bookmark this webpage to stay up for the latest updates on Coinbase Cloud.

Again, we really appreciate your continuous support to Coinbase and thank you for providing us with such an honest feedback.

Have a great day!

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Doesn’t answer all your questions, but

This is where you get the fees