What is the best method to log a bug with the SIWC and AT apis?

I’ve collected a few bugs for V2 and V3 while working on a toy project I’ve done. Is there a formal process to declare these to the API teams? I’ve logged the security issues using the prescribed template already, but the other bugs are annoyances, but likely still needs to be logged.


Hi @4qzrpRdJ! We appreciate your time for reporting bugs/feedbacks with our Coinbase APIs. The engineering team is on the top of this.

For this bug: [api-oa2-doc] Undocumented magic code needed for /oauth/authorize - Please be informed that you can use below url. The limits can be edited at the consent page by clicking on “Edit send limit”


Also, can you please provide more context wrt
issue 3
issue 4

Thank you!

OK… I just migrated from api.coinbase.com/oath to login.coinbase.com/oauth2 to close out another issue, so I’ll see if the consent page works without the magic code now.

Also, can you please provide more context wrt

I’ve closed these off my list presently since another Coinbase team has picked them up.

Thanks for looking into these!

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Confirmed that this issue is fixed by migrating from the old URL (api.coinbase.com/oauth/authorize) to the new (login.coinbase.com/oauth2/auth) URL.

I’ve closed the issue off my list.

Thank you for reminding me of last weeks migration!