What is the API endpoint to get option market data?

Hi, does coinbase provide any API to get info of coinbase option market? If I could get the API endpoint here it would be really helpful. Even if there’s a websocket available for same plz give the url here. I’ve already checked the advanced trading doc but could not find anything.So if you could recommend me any API or Websocket that you provide to get option market data be it not very specific but a common one for option and spot market data that would also be of great help. Thanks.

Hello @AKD99! Hope you’re having a good day.

We regret to inform you that it is not something we currently offer. What we can offer to you as of this moment is our Coinbase spot trading feature, you may know more here.

We would like to suggest posting this in our Feedback Section on the Forum so that it can be reviewed when planning which features to build next. Although we can’t offer any specific timeline for the addition of new features, rest assured that we will announce it here in the Forum.

Thank you for understanding!


Hi thanks for your reply. So does Coinbase does not support option trading currently because you know in your UI I found very systematic spot data but not option data.I mean if I could get any clarification on this that would be great. Thanks.

Hello @AKD99! Option market data and/or trading is not offered on Coinbase today (on both UI & API). We only offer spot trading at the moment. As suggested earlier, we would like you to post this in our Feedback Section so that it can be reviewed when planning which features to build next.

We hope we were able to provide clarification in this matter. Please do not hesitate to reply to this thread if you have any other inquiries in mind. Thank you!