What chains does WaaS support?

What chains does WaaS support? In particular, does it support Ethereum mainnet, Polygon PoS, and Base? Thanks!


Hi Richard,

We support Ethereum Goerli and Base Goerli right now while we’re in a public preview mode. Polygon PoS and Ethereum mainnet are on the roadmap.

Let us know if you have any feedback on what you’re building so we can help support it!



Any plans to support other L2s? We’re interested in Base, but likely need some additional flexibility.

Hi Sean,

Thanks for the callout, L2s are definitely on our mind. Please let us know if you have specific L2s you are interested in and for what reason.

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Optimism and Arbitrum would be ideal simply due to the number of users already on them. To be very specific, we are looking to support Nouns DAOs (Builder-based DAOs) with some features, and they are looking at expanding to Optimism in the near future.

Are there plans to support Bitcoin?

Thanks, L2s like Optimism/Arbitrum is definitely top of mind and something we’ll keep up at the top as we build on more chains. Useful to know about your usecase around the Nouns DAO.

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Hi Andy,

BTC is something we have been scoping out. Can you elaborate more on what you want to do with support on Bitcoin?

Thanks for the note, Bryan. I would be looking for the following in a Bitcoin WaaS:
-Export / Backup / Recover (similar to Ethereum WaaS)
-Create BitcoinMPCWallet
-Send Bitcoin (transaction)
-Receive Bitcoin (webhook notification)
-Sign a message