Websocket drops: Connection reset without closing handshake

I’m connecting to the advanced websocket field with about 20 websockets each reading 10 tickers or so (L2 and market data) it works just fine for many hours at a time and my code handling the data is fast and non blocking but over the course of a day or so I will see about 10 disconnects from the server with “Connection reset without closing handshake”.

How can I debug this further?

I’m using a rust client – using the cbadv-rs crate…

I also have the same problem. I hope someone can answer this. I streamed both L2 and market trades at the same time using my Python code. But it dropped after a couple of hours due to disconnection.

Any response to this?

I was having the same issue. The drops seem to be happening more and more frequently. I even get errors like:
HTTP error: 502 Bad Gateway.

My question is why has Coinbase not responded to this?

I am still seeing a ton of these – I submitted a support request and they told me to subscribe to heartbeats a well… Well I do that already and it hasn’t prevented them…

Note I am also experimenting with how many tickers per websocket – I’ve tried everything from 1 ticker/socket to 20 and see errors happening across them all.

If you are reading this and see this pls reply ALL with a count and maybe we’ll get more attention from coinbase to help.

Another day – and this continues. I reported to coinbase support and they said via email that they found an issue and fixed it – well I saw a few hours with no disconnects but now there are hundreds of disconnects every few hours again.

Hi @nxtrad0r! Thank you for being a part of the forum community! We see that you have tried the heartbeats channel already for a continuous interaction, however you are still facing the issue. Thank you for sharing this with us, I will share this with our internal team and will share an update as soon as possible.