Websocket Documentation Omissions

I’ve noticed a few things related to websocket documentation while trying to implement a Python client.

  1. The “user_id” mentioned for authentication here is not explained. Is it the api-key? Some other user id found via the website? The docs do not elaborate and it’s not a term found elsewhere. WebSocket Overview
    – Edit: It is the API key, but this is not documented anywhere. This should be clarified.

  2. The documentation for Websockets (overview and individual streams) does not mention that the included event examples are actually wrapped by common data such as ‘channel’, ‘events’, etc, and the detailed messages are found under ‘events’. If there’s a common structure to all websocket responses, it should be included in the overview documentation and linked or displayed throughout.

Hope this helps the docs improve!

I feel the user_id should be the one getting from /v2/user