Wallet extension can't switch network

I wanted to test my dapp with the Coinbase wallet extension so I installed it on Opera / Linux Mint (running in Virtualbox) and there’s no “Default network” option in the settings, and the “Networks” page doesn’t allow selection of any network (clicking them does nothing). So I installed the wallet extension on Brave and got the same result. Then I downloaded the SRWare browser to Windows 10 and installed the wallet extension there, again with the same result.

I used the correct download URL each time (the official download the Coinbase site links to).

I’m sure I’m missing something really obvious, but how do I switch networks?

Hi @martin7823 ! Welcome to the forum! We understand that you are having troubles switching the network as you try to test your dApp Wallet. As we have checked with our team, the network is changed from the assets tab via the globe in the top right. When connected to a dApp, the network switcher becomes engaged and you can switch networks then. Also, the network is dApp specific.

We hope we were able to address your concern. Please feel free to reach back to us should you have other queries/concerns.