Visibility in Coinbase Wallet in-app browser

I would like to know how to get more visibility for my dapp on Coinbase Wallet in-app browser, like the atteched screenshot below.

(1) Currently it seems filling out this form is to make a partnership and to get visibility on your wallet app. Is this correct? (but somehow it looks different from the current wallet app screen)
(2) Can we go through the screening process with our testnet link?

Hi @hayleyk ! Thank you for reaching out and asking about our Dapp Marketplace. The form is correct and will be the first step in the process. Have you filled it out yet?

Feel free to share more about your Dapp here so that I can alert the team to your application.

We are only working with mainnet dapps at this time - do you have a timeline for launch?


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Hello @arood , thank you for your reply!
We are building an NFT marketplace on Polygon and our product is expected to launch in mid-August. Since we are still working on building the product and integrating wallet, we have not submitted the form yet!

Once our Dapp goes live, we would definitely want to get more exposure to Coinbase ecosystem.

So before we submit the form we would like to ask several questions.

(1) What would be the estimated timeline of the screening process from the point we submit the form?

(2) Is this partnership program (exposure on Coinbase wallet app) offered at no additional cost?

(3) Out of a few Registration Requirements on the form, is ‘Step 1. Placing the image’ necessary? I think not many dapps have such an image or link on the flow.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for clarifying @hayleyk - I have reached out to the program lead on this and will get you some answers asap. I do know that there is no additional cost and that given how new the marketplace is, there is no timeline set for the screening process quite yet. Additionally, the requirements to qualify for the dapp marketplace is to have

  1. a responsive web design
  2. integrated with CBW, Welcome to Coinbase Wallet Documentation
  3. enabled autoconnect,

Will share more as I learn more. Thanks again!

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Awesome @arood , thank you for reply
Yes, it would be much appreciated if we could hear from the program lead! Thanks a lot