Unstake ethereum shows up in ETH wallet but not ETH2 wallet

The api returns this on ETH wallet (which is also kind of wrong as it’s not a “send” but more like an “Exchange”).

The bigger problem is that it does not show up as -40.50873466 on the ETH2 wallet leading to wrong balances.

{‘amount’: <Money @ 0x104f1d310> ETH 40.50873466,
‘created_at’: ‘2023-05-08T18:00:05Z’,
‘description’: None,
‘details’: {‘header’: ‘Received 40.50873466 ETH ($74,158.53)’,
‘health’: ‘positive’,
‘subtitle’: ‘From Unknown’,
‘title’: ‘Received Ethereum’},
‘from’: {‘currency’: ‘ETH’,
‘id’: ‘d777b6c9-3ebd-5a8c-a4bd-612885991a9f’,
‘resource’: ‘user’,
‘resource_path’: ‘/v2/users/d777b6c9-3ebd-5a8c-a4bd-612885991a9f’},
‘hide_native_amount’: False,
‘id’: ‘c976b83c-d6ef-55a5-b4da-aafb7c27293e’,
‘instant_exchange’: False,
‘native_amount’: <Money @ 0x104f1d360> USD 74158.53,
‘network’: {‘status’: ‘off_blockchain’,
‘status_description’: None},
‘off_chain_status’: ‘completed’,
‘resource’: ‘transaction’,
‘resource_path’: ‘/v2/accounts/d0a14d8e-ef4b-5f8e-b709-b5dc684bfcd0/transactions/c976b83c-d6ef-55a5-b4da-aafb7c27293e’,
‘status’: ‘completed’,
‘type’: ‘send’,
‘updated_at’: ‘2023-05-08T18:00:07Z’}

Hi @bigbodybison! Thank you for using our APIs. Please be informed that for unstaking Ethereum from an ETH2 wallet is not currently supported. You will need to use an ETH wallet to unstake Ethereum. We hope this answers your question. Do let us know in case you have any more questions, concerns or feedbacks.