Unsafe Warning for legit application/site. How to proceed?

Hello everyone,

I am looking for someone I can talk to from Coinbase about our app/site which is falsely flagged as “maybe dangerous” in the coinbase wallet explorer.

We are currently in public beta and about to start our marketing and investor rounds and suddenly the warning shows up for our users.

Everything works fine and without issues in the MetaMask Wallet Explorer and others, and there are no issues in Google Safe Browsing. We use the MetaMask API to verify the wallet owner via signing a short text message the same way everybody else does and to the dot as provided by MetaMask. Other than that we do not ask for or use any permission.

It would be great if someone could point me in the right direction to get this warning removed, verify our site/app and or help me with this issue.

Thank you in advance for any help I can get here.

Welcome to the forum, @iarts_officially!

We appreciate your interest in using Coinbase Wallet. We would like to help you out, but first we’ll need you to provide us information regarding your concern so that we can assist you:

  • Can you share a screenshot with us of the flagged error that you get? Please exclude any sensitive information.
  • What is your intended use case in using Coinbase Wallet? Please elaborate so we can better understand what your needs would be.

If you have any more information or screenshot that can help in the investigation of your concern, feel free to share it with us. Looking forward to your response. Thank you!

Hello @bazinga,

Thank you for your quick reply. Luckily the issue has been solved with the help of outstanding support from Coinbase via Twitter. They did identify the issue and already removed the warning. Everything is running smoothly now. I wish more companies would have such a fantastic working support team.

I can only recommend for anyone with an issue like we had (A “danger” warning for their app/site) to get in touch with the Coinbase support team. Things are handled quickly and friendly.

Thx everyone here…
cya around…


Hello @iarts_officially! Thank you for letting us know that your issue with being falsely flagged in the Coinbase Wallet explorer has been all worked out. We’re glad that you have figured it all out.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the future if you need anything else. Have a great day!

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I have to find it again and screen shot ill do so tomorrow

Some one hwlp