Unauthorized: /orders/historical/batch?order_status=OPEN

I have a for loop which makes requests to:

This for loop runs for hours without issue, and then there is a one-off Unauthorized.

The fact that this request is successful X amount of times before the Unauthorized indicate that:

  • the API key + secret are valid
  • the signature is valid

I’m trying to understand why I’m getting this intermittent unauthorized.

This has occurred multiple times over the last few days. It works fine and I get a random unauthorized (401).

I have the:

  • wallet:orders:read
  • wallet:transactions:read
    permissions on my API key

Hey @temp, Welcome to the forum community!

Our sincere apologies for delayed response.

Can you please confirm if you are still getting random unauthorised errors? Also, we would like to let you know that the maximum number of OPEN orders that can returned via List Orders | Coinbase Cloud endpoint is 1000.