Unable to login to Sandbox environmet

Hi there,

Whenever i visit https://public.sandbox.exchange.coinbase.com/ and try logging in with a coinbase PRO account, I see a loading screen asking that the sandbox environment gets certain permissions. If i click accept, I return back to the home screen (https://public.sandbox.exchange.coinbase.com/) without being logged in.
Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can login into the sandbox environment?

I am also having this same issue. Also, why do we need to make an account to have access to this feature. Binance makes it simple.

Hey @rickkert00 @cdancy! Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this. Can you please share a screenshot of this issue, so that we can forward it further?

I have the same issue

Screen recording (loom) - https://www.loom.com/share/553ae767e4a64f72b8a84bca965890a3?sid=8c66e464-a4a1-4251-9b2f-046fa3a0f9a5

@rickkert00 Thank you for raising this issue! As of November 30th 2023, Coinbase Pro has officially been deprecated.

You will no longer be able to login to the Coinbase Exchange Sandbox using a deprecated Coinbase Pro account. Moving forward, you will need a Coinbase Exchange account to leverage our Coinbase Exchange Sandbox environment.

1 - That should be posted on that page then, or not ask you to provide permissions and then return you to the login page, making you mess with pop-up blockers and ad blockers thinking that might be the issue.

2 - This information should also be reflected in the developer documentation as well. Current ‘getting started’ docs specifically call out the sandbox environment for use in development and provides links to that site.

3 - Finally, is there really no sandbox mode for regular CB and/or advanced trade? How are we supposed to develop trading functionality without spending actual assets, incurring taxable events, etc? I see that the sandbox still works for ‘coinbase exchange’ which is a different site intended for businesses and requires a new sign up. I’m not a business and wouldn’t use exchange.coinbase.com so I don’t really want to sign up for it.