Trouble getting best_bid_ask price for single product

Hi. I am able to get the ‘best bid ask’ prices via the api for all of the available products using the endpoint = “/api/v3/brokerage/best_bid_ask” line. However, and I am referencing the documentation listed here that if I include /api/v3/brokerage/best_bid_ask?product_ids=ETH-USD I should get the best bid ask for a single product, namely the ETH-USD pairing. However, whenever I append the product ids I continually get an error. Yes I have tested everything and my signature is correctly generated etc. As I said, it all works for all product but single product no. So is there an error in the api or do I misunderstand something? Thanks, Ron.

Hey @the404, Welcome to the Developer Forum Community!

We have used the endpoint Get Best Bid/Ask → /api/v3/brokerage/best_bid_ask?product_ids=ETH-USD , and were able to retrieve the correct response body for ETH-USD pair (single product_id). Can you please re-check your api call? Also, please do share the screenshot of the error that you get, omitting any personal info.

Thank you!

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@rishabh, I appreciate the response. I have gone over my code and checked my api call and found the error, the mistake was down to my misunderstanding of the documentation. Thanks for checking the api on your end. Ron.

Thank you for letting us know, @the404!