Transaction [Request money] response Missing parameter: `type'

Uploading: image.png…

“errors”: [
“id”: “invalid_request”,
“message”: “Missing parameter: type

Maybe you need to follow the default order ? Try to put ‘type’ as first property

    "type": "request",
    "to": "",
    "amount": "1",
    "currency": "BTC"

Thank you very much for your reply. Test according to your suggestion, but the result is the same

If you are sending cryptocurrency, the ‘type’ must be ‘send’

Let’s check your headers also please. Is there Content-Type: application/json ?
Beautify your body in Postman, it will change nothing but it is more “conform”

Hi @yun! Thank you for posting your concern here.

The team is already aware of this bug and is hard at work to fix it. We will notify you on this forum post the moment it gets fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We appreciate your patience. Thanks!

Thank you. In addition to this interface, other interface of postman can pass through

Thank you and look forward to your fix

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This has been known for nearly 3 years now as reported here:

However, it is unclear if the appropriate parties were aware of this report. It is definitely known now, however. 39 days… and counting. :slight_smile: