This site is unsafe - For legit apps


I am struggling with this issue on my app. My users are getting this warning sigh whenever they want to login with coinbase wallet. I have had few users report this issue to me and they say its concerning. So if you could help me figure out the correct process to solvoing this issue would be great. I have tried contacting support and it seems like this issue isnt something they deal with.

I have attached the link to my website and the error message that my users see.

Twitter / X: @launchifi - I included this so you can see that we are a legitment company and just want users to feel safe.
Domain: - I have multiple apps running on this domain with different subdomains so if this one could get whitelisted then that would be great.

I have exactly the same issue. Evey single time I open my Coinbase Wallet and try to open a browser, it shows me the same page (This site is unsafe…)

from what comes from my research, I have to make a ticket with Coinbase to get this resolved.

I have already done so and hoping by opening this, it would make the process a little faster.

Hey! Have you got any luck with this so far? I’m in the same boat with my dApp.