Source Account Not Tradable

I’m getting this error when trying to create an order. All of my other calls including the POST /api/v3/brokerage/orders/batch_cancel are working just fine.

Http 403:
“error_details”: “Source Account Not Tradable”,
“message”: “Source Account Not Tradable”

I have also given the API token all of the available permissions.

I have tried different bodies with no success

“side”: “BUY”,
“order_configuration”: {
“stop_limit_stop_limit_gtc”: {
“stop_direction”: “STOP_DIRECTION_STOP_DOWN”,
“base_size”: “0.0001”,
“limit_price”: “15000”,
“stop_price”: “15000”
“client_order_id”: “4d039248-dcd1-4687-ba06-e1d2310f6013”,
“product_id”: “BTC-USD”

Hi @jeffreytall! Welcome to the Coinbase Cloud Developer’s Forum! We understand that you are having an error response of 403 Permission_Denied when trying to create an order via the API. Related to this, may we ask you to first try setting the API key permission scope to wallet:buys:create only as stated here.

We hope this helps. But shall the issue still persist, please do not hesitate to reply back to this thread so that we can assist you further. Thank you and have a great day!


Thank you for your response @ereeca15 . Unfortunately, I’m still getting the same error message. I have attached a couple of screenshots.

Hi @jeffreytall! Thank you for promptly getting back at us. We are sorry that the suggested fix did not resolve the issue. Related to this, please know that we have already raised this concern to the relevant team to ensure that this is addressed accurately for you. We will get back to you once we have more information. Keep in touch!

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Hi @jeffreytall! To further investigate your concern, kindly log a support ticket using our Contact Us form. Kindly include the link of this forum so that the team will be aware that it’s you. Additionally, please use the email address associated with your Coinbase account.

Thank you and have a nice day! :sunrise_over_mountains:


Hi @jeffreytall , I had the same issue with the BTC-EUR pair. I solved it by ticking the ‘EUR wallet’ under ‘Accounts’ (when creating the API key). I believe in your case ticking ‘USD wallet’ will do it.

Hint: I understood this after checking the UI under ‘Wallet’ and seeing a BTC-EUR closed trade with the description “Using EUR wallet”.