Some wrong with BTC-USD api ticker?

Hi, I think there is a bug with the Ticker data.
Which in utc 2022/10/25 00:00:00 , I send a req to “”.
From that response, I get the result: price*volume = 24622418964776.
The calculation result is obviously incorrect. It’s too large.
So please give me some help that I can find history ticker !

Hi @wayne.wei! Welcome to the forum!

Based on your scenario, we understand that you ran a GET request for ticker data for BTC-USD at 2022/10/25 00:00:00. However, please note that{product_id}/ticker is only for snapshot information about the last trade (tick), best bid/ask and 24h volume. Thus, we wish to inform you that the data that was returned is not directly pertaining to the traded volume specific to that hour only, but may actually be the 24h traded volume.

In this case, we see that you may actually opt to use the /candles endpoint ({product_id}/candles) to get historic rates for a product. This endpoint allows a query parameter with a start timestamp. This is also covered in our Exchange API documentation: Get product candles

We hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to respond back to this thread should you need further assistance.

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