Send USDT from coinbase commerce wallet via API?

Is there an api to transfer USDT from a coinbase commerce wallet to another person. There is such a task. The buyer buys a course on my platform, buys using coinbase commerce, for example, the price of the course is $ 3500, after the buyer bought the course, I need to send $ 500 to the one who invited this buyer to the

Hello @Jamal! Welcome to the forum! We thank you for your enthusiasm in trying out Coinbase APIs. Regarding your concern, unfortunately there is no available Commerce API that may transfer a USDT from a Coinbase Commerce wallet to another person. Commerce APIs are limited to charges, checkouts, invoices, and events. You may explore the available Commerce API endpoints here.

As for Coinbase Commerce is a cryptocurrency-only service, you cannot link your bank account directly to your Commerce account therefore you cannot withdraw or transfer money or crypto. However, you can withdraw or transfer any crypto you have directly to a linked Coinbase account. From there, as a workaround, you may utilize the Send Money transaction of Sign In with Coinbase API ( Send Money transaction enables Coinbase users to send funds to a network address for any Coinbase supported asset, or email address of the recipient. Such that when you use an email address of a Coinbase account that is opted into Instant sends, then the transaction will be off-blockchain and will not incur fees. To read further, you may refer to this documentation for an example request, and for more information regarding sending of money.

Also, please note that APE, SHIB, and USDT are currently only supported for Coinbase Managed Commerce accounts. You may read more information regarding this through this Help Center page.

We hope this helps! Again, welcome to the community!

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