Seeing method not found in Coinbase Wallet Mobile App

Hello! I am seeing the following error message while testing in the Coinbase Mobile App Browser. The calls are working fine on the desktop with coinbase browser extension but failing in the mobile app.

Here is the code that is called when the button is clicked:

  const onClick = connector => {
    // If wallet connector is connected but message is not signed, sign it.
    if (isConnected) {
    } else {

Using "wagmi": "^0.4.12" and "ethers": "^5.6.6"

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

Hello @Beebe4. Welcome to the forum! Thank you for taking an interest in trying out Coinbase APIs. For the details regarding your inquiry, we will check on this for you with our team to see how we can best assist. We’ll get back to you once we have more information. Keep in touch!

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Any ETA on how long that might be?