Security Issue: Plainly List Your Marketing Emails (or do NOT use anything BUT Authoratative Addresses!)

On September 5th I received a marketing email from claiming to be a Coinbase message. I immediately thought this suspicious and reported it to Coinbase.

It took not only one, not only two, not only three, not only four but FIVE WEEKS to determine if this was from Coinbase.

(I just today received the reply today)

Apparently it is? Woof… what a waste of time.

Please have all the email addresses you use for marketing and promotional purposes listed on a publicly verifiable authoritative resource (i.e., so we can easily verify an address.

Better yet, use for all your marketing messaging! What the heck are you using splash.toolsfor? With the overwhelming amount of spam and scams raining upon the cryptocurrency space this is more than a headscatcher to me.

Anyways, rant aside, thank you for any effort towards this very obvious security consideration.