Scope error when trying to access futures API via advanced Trade

Hi, I’m trying to query and play around with futures API via the coinbase-python SDK and got

requests.exceptions.HTTPError: 403 Client Error: Missing Required Scopes. Please verify your API keys include the necessary permissions

My sample code is something like

import os

from import RESTClient
from dotenv import load_dotenv


key_name       = os.getenv('XXXXXKEYXXXXX')
key_secret     = os.getenv('XXXXXSECRETXXXXX')

client = RESTClient(api_key=key_name, api_secret=key_secret)

Hi @heiseish

Welcome to the Coinbase Cloud Forum! Based on the error mentioned, this could be because of your API key is lacking necessary permissions. To learn more about necessary permission scopes, please refer to: Advanced Trade API Permissions | Coinbase Cloud

Also, we are glad to hear about your interest in implementing Coinbase Cloud products with your project. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide guidance on how to write code in specific programming languages and frameworks.


Hi @Caleb, thanks for the reply. Strange, i have enabled all possible permissions, and have tried to recreate the keys to confirm that