RPC URL Error in coinbase wallet app (ios)

Hi. I’m trying to add coinbase wallet connection to out dapp project.
For mobile app, my project’s custom rpc url is not available.
We have own en node, so i want to add custom network by our en node rpc url.
Can i handle it? our rpc url is https://en.kronosdao.finance (KLAYTN network, chain id : 8217)

Hi @keoneokeoneo, welcome to the forum! May I ask if you have already tried the example given in Integrating with Web3Modal (Switch Networks or Add Custom Networks) under the Coinbase Wallet documentation?
Please let us know if this helps, thank you!


Yes. I already tried as noted in docs. It’s working in chrome browser exension.
Here is the image.

But in mobile app, it says invalid url. How can i handle this?

This is the result of adding network by manually.

And this is the result of adding network by code (using json rpc method - wallet_addEthereumChain)