Put more announcements on Exchange API to migrate to Advance Trade API

I signed up at Coinbase Cloud today and tried out websocket in Exchange API as it is the first entry in Google Search.

Even though I felt that the API key I genereted from Coinbase Cloud is strange due to the lack of passphrase, I kept trying to make authenticated calls to the API as the error message is “authetication fail”.

Later, before submitting a ticket at Coinbase Cloud to ask about the strange behavior, I tried the Advance Trade API, in which you made announcement about the migration from Pro to Advance.

How is it possible for someone who just came to your development platform to find out that they are looking at the wrong documentation? Also, try to make the error message more accuate. A authentication error happens when I tried to subscribe to full channel as the old API does.

But I am happy that you built the Python SDK, which makes it easy to use the API.