Proper REST signatures

How is what you said different from this?

{"message":"invalid signature"}
response code: 401

or this:

{"message":"invalid signature"}
response code: 401

edit: Are you assuming I’m leaving order_id=“xxx” and not replacing that with an actual order id? That was just for the forum post, I am using a correct order id in my code.

Hello @Mike! Apologies for the confusion.

What we are trying to say is that the path should be like this:
path = "/fills?order_id="+729f1e45-74c6-4dfa-a244-10cf21cbb27a

instead of this:
path = "/fills"

The path variable must also include the query or path parameter, not just the endpoint itself :smiley:

We hope this clarifies. Thank you!


It worked! Thank you Camille I appreciate your help.


Hello @Mike, we’re always happy to help! Please reach out in the future if you need anything else. Thanks!

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