Problem with /time Endpoint

from time to time endpoint /time is returning incorrect epoch with dot in the end.


This behaviour is not described in API, Can you explain why there is sometimes dot and when expect it/what does it mean ?

Hi @drax! Thank you for taking interest in using Coinbase Cloud. We tried replicating your issue but our team has not encountered the same issue you reported. However, the next time you encounter the issue, we’ll need you to provide us with a screenshot showing the issue as this will be helpful to further investigate your concern.

In the meantime, you should still be able to convert it to a human readable date, you just need to ignore the dot at the end. And for you to be able to have a more resilient code, re: extra characters from the /time endpoint, you may filter the extra dot by limiting the allowed characters to numeric characters.


Hi, already I did a workaround but as this is coming from you service I reported this issue here. I’m not able to do any screenshot of this cause i have only log that message couldn’t be parsed, already you have epoch which maybe you can retry and check how it would be parsed on your side or check logs from that time if you have any related to that endpoint.

We appreciate you flagging this to us!

Can you let us know roughly how often you encounter an Epoch time ending with a dot from the /time endpoint? We haven’t been able to reproduce this response but if this is occurring on a regular basis, we can investigate further. Can we also know if you are using any particular programming language when encountering this? Thanks!


Sure, i’m using java, I’ve seen this in logs few times a day, 'm asking this endpoint every few minutes to be in sync.

Hello @drax. Thanks for providing us with the information we requested. For the details regarding your concern, we will check on this for you with our team. We will get back to you once we have more information. Keep in touch!

Hi @drax . Thank you for your patience. We are still looking into this, but as we have not been able to reproduce the dot at the end of epoch we don’t have an update on root cause or a fix.

We understand that you have a workaround and are not blocked by this, however please let us know if you get a response from the /time endpoint that cannot be resolved to a human readable date.

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