PowerShell examples

Can full code examples be provided for each function? Something that we can easily copy/paste into our own scripts? Aside from replacing API values with our unique values, of course. Currently it feels as though the bare minimum of code is provided, with an assumption that everyone knows how to fill in the blanks (building a header, for example).

If you’re looking for Coinbase Pro API code, don’t waste your time. Coinbase is sunsetting their Pro service (and the API) in “early 2023”. Advanced Trade clearly isn’t fully developed so we’re in Q2 2023 and there still isn’t a formal termination date.

But yes, the Advanced Trade docs fail to include the detail necessary for the average amateur developer to properly develop their own system without relying heavily on the forums. Shame on Coinbase for releasing such a poor product.

For reference, this is what good documentation looks like: gspread — gspread 5.7.1 documentation

But the Coinbase 10x developers already knew this… I hope.