Please add the advanced trade fill ID and liquidity information to "advanced_trade_fill" objects in the v2 Transactions API

This is related to the Advanced Trade API.

At present, it is impossible to accurately correlate results from the v2 Transactions resource that represent advanced trade fills due to the omission of the trade ID in the “advanced_trade_fill” object. (The field requested is the “trade_id” field found in the Advanced Trade API’s orders/historical/fills resource.)

In addition, the liquidity of the fill is missing from the v2 Transactions resource.

Please add these fields.

I second this request.

Currently it is impossible to reconcile transactions from the SIWC API to fills from the Advanced Trade API.

Hi @thefellow3j! Thank you for using Coinbase APIs. We appreciate you sharing this with us. We will look into it and get back to you with an update, please keep in touch.

Hi @thefellow3j! Thank you for your patience. Please be informed that this has been escalated and shared further with the team. Our team has started working on it. For now we do not have an ETA for this, however as soon as there is an update we shall post here and let you know.
We hope this helps and again thank you so much for such valuable feedbacks, which help our products and services improve. Please keep share more such feedbacks with us.
Have a great one!