Permissions: `wallet:buys:create` vs `wallet:orders:create`?

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Since the permission/scope required to create new orders as part of the Advanced Trade API is wallet:buys:create, what does wallet:orders:create apply to?


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Hi @ian-ridian! Welcome to the Coinbase Cloud Developer’s Forum!

We appreciate your enthusiasm in trying out the Advanced Trade API. Please note that orders are categorized into buys and sells. The permission scope required for both creating and cancelling buy orders is wallet:buys:create . On the other hand, you will need to utilize wallet:sells:create to create or cancel a sell order.

Regarding your question on what does wallet:orders:create apply, the Advanced Trade API documentation is still in beta and our team is still hard at work completing the Advanced Trade API including endpoints that will later utilize these published scopes such as the wallet:orders:create . You may visit the changelog section of the documentation to get updates regarding the changes that we implemented.

We hope this helps. Thank you and have a great day!