Payments to users from coinbase account

i have a crypto faucet website where i send small crypto rewards to users to thier coinbase accounts i do it manually from coinbase app,can i send these payments to users from my coinbase account to users coinbase emails using an api ,that would be really helpful,tried to read the documentation but got confused where to start exactly…so please help me with this

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Hi @farazrabbani4687! Welcome to the Developer’s Forum! We appreciate your enthusiasm in using our Coinbase Cloud services and we’d be glad to assist you with your concern.

With this, we are assuming that you are actually referring to the Send Money transaction of Sign In with Coinbase which could also be utilized via the API. Based on this documentation, Send Money transaction enables Coinbase users to send funds to a network address for any Coinbase supported asset, or email address of the recipient. Such that when you use an email address of a Coinbase account that is opted into Instant sends, then the transaction will be off-blockchain and will not incur fees.

To accomplish this, you should call for a POST request on the endpoint. Then, please take note of the following parameters that you will be needing to successfully call for this request:

  1. type - this is required when sending money. Make sure that the value is set to send.
  2. to - a blockchain address, or an email of the recipient.
  3. amount - amount to be sent.
  4. currency - currency of the amount.
  5. idem - this is only optional, but is recommended to ensure that if a previous transaction with the same idem parameter already exists for this sender, then that previous transaction will be returned, and a new one will not be created. This should always be unique for each transaction.

Additionally, the scope, wallet:transactions:send is required when sending funds. To read further, you may go back to this documentation for an example request, and for more information regarding sending of money. And lastly, please note that we moved your post to Sign In With Coinbase category, since it is the right category for your concern.

We hope this helps. Please feel free to reply back to this thread if you need further assistance.