Order placement delayed by almost a minute

I frequently use the FIX API for placing orders. One particular instance last Wednesday I sent several orders as usual but did not receive an acknowledgement Execution Report until 56 seconds later. Needless to say this is much much slower than usual.

During the same period my REST client encountered an unusual error.

The time of the problem was between 2022-04-27 20:52:06Z and 2022-04-27 20:53:02Z.

I didn’t see anything on the exchange status page but I’m hoping someone from Coinbase can verify whether there was a known problem at the exchange during that time.

Hello @dberger, Thank you for taking an interest in trying out Coinbase APIs. For the details regarding your concern, we will check on this for you with our team. We will get back to you once we have more information. Keep in touch!

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Hello @dberger, thank you for your continued support with the Coinbase APIs. We escalated this case with our engineering teams and after checking it turns out that there were no system wide issues with the Exchange platform on the 27th of April.

Thanks for the response. Is there any way to get more information about a particular order and why it was delayed for such a long time?