OAuth Mobile Custom URI Redirect support


I want to implement “Sign in With Coinbase” on a mobile app using a Custom URI redirect (e.g., see OAuth Google). An example would be com.googleusercontent.apps.123:redirect_uri_path.

When I tried to register a Custom URI on the Application Page, it fails saying “Redirect URI must be an absolute URI. Redirect URI Invalid redirect uri.”

Can you consider adding support for custom URIs?


Hello @da4kc0medy! Welcome to the Forum! Thank you for taking interest in trying out our Coinbase Products.

We understand that you want to add a Custom Redirect URIs on your OAuth2 Application. For this case, you may try to set the redirect_uri to a special value urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob when registering a new OAuth2 Application.

You may refer to Mobile integration to know more.

We hope this helps. Thank you!

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Hi @KairoShie, thanks for your response!

This method was recently deprecated by Google and I do not think it is even supported by commonly used mobile OAuth libraries such as AppAuth. How do you propose developers integrate this unique OAuth flow? I also noticed that Coinbase Mobile SDKs are marked as “deprecated” on the Github page.