Not Receiving Webhook Notifications


For OAuth integrated apps in Coinbase (non-pro), we’ve been successful in getting notifications for buys, sells, and crypto deposits. However, we are not receiving anything for swaps and crypto withdrawals. Can you offer some guidance on how to get swaps and withdrawal notifications?

Also, is there a way to receive notifications for Coinbase Pro (api key authentication)?

Here is the link we’re using to request read permissions from our users:,wallet:addresses:read,wallet:buys:read,wallet:deposits:read,wallet:notifications:read,wallet:payment-methods:read,wallet:sells:read,wallet:transactions:read,wallet:user:read,wallet:withdrawals:read&account=all

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:wave: I’m going to follow up with our OAuth team to get some additional info. :face_with_monocle:

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:wave: A couple of updates:

  1. Have you seen this docs page regarding how to authenticate with API key? From there you should be able to receive notifications in the same way.
  2. For your withdrawals notification, there was a typo, there is no s on withdrawal: wallet:withdrawal:read (see notifications docs here).
  3. We don’t yet support swap notifications, but this is great feedback that I will be taking back to the notifications team, thank you!

We tried removing the s and changed it to wallet:withdrawal:read but are now getting an invalid/malformed scope error (see screenshot below). Also, the Permissions (Scopes) page lists the spelling with the s.

Can you fix the [this docs page regarding how to authenticate with API key] link?

Thanks again for looking into this,

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@staff1 Does the team have updated advice? We’re still unable to get notifications working for wallet withdrawals.

Thanks again for looking into this,

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:wave: Sorry about the delay.

I’ve fixed the ink for API Authentication, you can find it here: API key authentication

I have also reached back out to the team to see if they can help us identify:

  1. Why the withdrawal notification still isn’t working
  2. Why when using the notifications endpoint withdrawal is singular, but with the permissions endpoint it’s plural.

Hello. Does the team have an answer with regards to withdrawal notifications? Mentioning @staff1 @larry.kubin for visibility.


Hi @muli - apologies for the delay here as we have not yet been able to get a clear answer on the two questions above. I have this as a priority and will work to get you a response asap. Thanks!

Hi @arood. Were you able to get a response from the team?

Hi @muli - apologies but no update here yet. I have escalated further and hope to have a response soon. Thank you for your patience.