New User Creation in Coinbase using API

  • Is it possible to create a new user account via APIs? i.e. without using their UI?
  • Is it possible to complete the KYC process via APIs?

Hi @amithsasi! Welcome to the forum! Thank you for taking an interest in trying out Coinbase APIs. Regarding account creation, users would still need to go through the normal account creation in Coinbase for there are various security checks and KYCs in place. Unfortunately, there is no API endpoint to create a Coinbase account. Users should manually create their accounts through the Coinbase website and go through the KYC process.

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Hi @danpaolo.ballares, Thank you for the response. I have one more query on the same lines -

Is it possible to create Sub-accounts via APIs for existing users?

Hello @amithsasi! Thank you for your continued participation here in Coinbase Developer Forum. Just to make sure we’re on the same page. By sub-accounts, you mean to create an additional profile?


Hi @camille.decastro, I have seen Subaccoounts with exchanges like FTX, and was under the assumption that Coinbase also supports subaccounts. So if I get it right, Coinbase does not support the concept of multiple subaccounts under one trading account.

Subaccounts are separate from your main account. Each subaccount has independent balances and can trade independently. We can have multiple subaccounts under one main account. You can also transfer funds between your subaccounts instantly.

Hello @camille.decastro, The right term in the context of Coinbase is Profiles instead of subaccount. (Profiles).


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@camille.decastro & @danpaolo.ballares Thank you for your responses.